Supplement to: Turnaround Tuesday – Will it continue to be a profitable S&P 500 trading pattern?

This brief article is a supplement to “Turn around Tuesday – Will it continue to be a profitable S&P 500 trading pattern?”  If you have not read this article yet, you might want to do so before continuing.

Here is the basic pattern we just evaluated:

  • Monday closes in the bottom 20% of the three day range
  • On Tuesday, buy on the open
  • Sell on the close of Wednesday

Lets add a new element:  Rather than buying on the open, we will look at buying with a limit order below the open, and at buying on an intraday breakout above the open.   In each case we will be looking at values between 4 and 20 points.  Here is the data table:

What we see is that  there are a number of combinations (Buying a larger dip or larger intraday breakout) that increase average return.  However, because the number of trades is less compared to simply buying on the open, the total profitability is less.  This is one of the most common trade-offs in strategy development.   In practice it can often be better to trade an idea with a lower expected value in order to get more trades.

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