New article in February issue of Active Trader Magazine

I have a new article out in the February issue of Active Trader Magazine.  In the article, I document three factors that influence when intraday breakout-type strategies have been most effective in the emini (ES) stock index futures contract.  I then show how these factors can be combined to create powerful trading edges.   Like with most all of my trading related articles, I bring the fundamental principles and concepts that I think are most valuable to the forefront.   I am confident that the  readers who really “get” what I am saying in this article will find the ideas to be very valuable.   I admit that I don’t particularly like sharing some of these ideas,  However at the moment it serves my larger purpose.  You can find the free preview for the article here at the Active Trader Mag site.  The preview for my prior article for Active Trader Magazine can be found here.  Note that both of these article contain content that can’t be found anywhere else.




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